iFP GUI   
open-source iRiver Manager for GNU/Linux


This project is an open-source graphical user interface (GUI) for iRiver's iFP flash player. See www.iriver.com.

Since iRiver maintains two branches of iFP firmware,
be sure you're using "Manager version" firmware with this application!
On the other hand "UMS firmware" is recognized by USB Mass Storage driver.

Screen Shots

iFP GUI's Home Page on SourceForge.net

Project News

  • 2010-06-06
    • Release Version 1.0.0
    • Uses QT framework version 4.5
    • Uses usblib version 1.0
    • Threaded data transfer.
    • libifp integrated and updated to support usblib 1.0
    • fixed compiler warnings in libifp
    • Catalan translation provided by Xavi Drudis Ferran
  • 2006-05-24
    • Release Version 0.10.8
    • Patch from d-frog to fix renaming directories
  • 2005-11-21
    • IMPORTANT: Version 0.10.x does not work with libifp-
    • You must either remove libifp (uninstall, delete, whatever) or
    • Use libifp-
  • 2005-11-19
    • Release Version 0.10.5
    • New Features
      • User interface can be translated using QT's translation functions.
      • First translation into Russian by Sergey V Turchin
  • 2005-10-20
    • Release Version 0.10.4
    • New Features
      • Made all transfers and commands conform to Unicode UTF-8.
  • 2005-10-12
    • Release Version 0.10.2
    • New Features
      • Toolbar for each file tree.
      • Ability to change the view (left-right or top-bottom)
      • New icons.
      • Small improvements to connect/disconnect.
      • Popup windows come to front.
      • Transfer status window stays on top.
      • Major internal overhaul.

Project status

  • implementation
    • Graphical user interface (see screenshots above)
  • usability
    • supports almost all the functions provided by original iRiver Manager
      • Upload using m3u playlist.
        Upload File/Directory
        Download File/Directory
        Delete File/Directory (and multiple files/directories)
        File Rename
        Make Directory
        Format Device
        Update Firmware
        Battery Status
        Used/Free Space
        iFP info (model, firmware, etc)
        Tuner Support
        Convert *.REC to *.mp3 on download(INCOMPLETE)
        Expands and hi-lights newly up/down(loaded) files and directories
        Checks for iFP device -- reconnect when user double clicks root ("/")
        Detect iFP disconnect
        Local File Delete
        Local File/Dir Rename
        Local Make Directory
        Local Directory Refresh
  • stability
    • stable and very usable

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How can I help?

  • RPMs and DEB packages.
  • REC file in iRiver proprietary format 
    • (~10sec or less than 1MB).
  • Testing of multi-national filename support.
  • Feedback about: 
    • Usability
    • New features
    • Bugs
  • Documentation (there isn't any).
  • Translations